Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Linner with the Walters

So David (the boyfriend), his twin, and his parents came to our house for Linner (lunch/dinner) and this is what we ate. Matt (the twin) made a strawberry cheesecake, apparently it was supposed to have a swirl design (which it didn't) but it still tasted delicious. I made a quiche and companion baby quiche because I had a lot of leftover dough. It was a ham and cheese quiche because we were trying to use up the last of the Christmas ham. The crust needs some work, different recipe next time, it just didn't have that sturdy crunch that I wanted, but the egg part was goooood. We made a HUGE pot of sausage risotto which turned out pretty good but not as good as last time, probably because it was a mass creation. The last picture is the layout of all the food, there was also asparagus (steamed/grilled and sprinkled with cheese), stuffed mushrooms, and a tossed salad. YUM! oh and the parental meeting was a success, everybody liked everybody, in case you were worried about the outcome =)


So we were supposed to go to Amada for New Years but the menu was especially expensive so David picked this places. Effies is a Greek food restaurant and I really like Greek food so I was all for it. Its this really tiny place in center city and there were about 5 small tables downstairs and one big round one upstairs. For an appetizer we had spanikopita (Kaseri cheese) which actually wasn't as good as the kind I've had before. It wasn't as potent of a flavor, not as sharp, it was just sort of mild and alright, I wouldn't get it again. For dinner David had Mousaka and I had Makaronia. The Mousaka was amazing, it had cinnamon flavored beef, eggplant, tomatoes, and bechamel (a white sauce made of milk, flour and butter). The cinnamon was a great flavor, just a little sweet, but the perfect combination to compliment the eggplant and tomatoes. I had Makaronia which was penne with bacon, spinach, mushrooms, and greek cheese. The cheese was really stringy in a good way, it was very buttery, it was delicious. I actually think I liked it better heated up the day after for some reason. We were way too full for dessert so we will have to go back another time for that! The food was really good but the service was weird, the waitress seemed like she might be the owner's wife or daughter or something. She didn't introduce herself or carry conversation well but our food came quickly and tasted great.


First is what happened when David (my boyfriend who lives in Lewistown) ate his ginormous pancakes or sort of ate them. Then him with the pancake just to show how big it really is. Then the beautiful pancake by itself. Red's Diner is one of David's favorite places in Lewistown and they make amazing pancakes and have waterlike syrup which is surprisingly good. The day we went the waitress was making the pancakes and she was doling them out in huge portions, it worked out for us! Next is the brunch we had at.... It was pretty good, I had a reuben, it would have been better on pumpernickel but it was filling. David, his mom, and his dad had ...basically omelets but I think it was called an egg scramble. I'm not really a fan of eggs so I can't say but they enjoyed them. Last was the first place I ever ate in Lewistown (although this was the second time) called Downtown OIP. David and I were both sick so we each had a seafood chowder with pizza. Delicious!