Friday, September 18, 2009

The Palm

Seven friends and I just went to The Palm for restaurant week ($45 including tax and tip for an appetizer, entree and desert). In order starting the lobster bisque, chicken parmesan, with the linguine on top, fliet mignon, 16oz. NY strip steak, straws with cottage fries, salmon, crab cakes, and key lime pie. All of the portions were distastefully large, especially for a tasting promotion. Neither of my friends (who are big eaters) could finish their chicken parmesan. Except for the portions it was a good meal, the salmon was good and the crab cakes although a little wet were excellent. The chicken parmesan was nothing special, i was told the steak was amazing, and the lobster bisque was also very good. The key lime pie was hard to enjoy because it was so large but what i ate was good and unlike most of the key lime pies I have seen in the past. It was a good meal, nothing too special but worth the money.

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