Saturday, August 14, 2010

Atlantic Jazz Yard

For our anniversary we ate at a place called Atlantic Jazz Yard. We got a table on the outside of the open area. There were tables and a bar surrounding an open area where there was live jazz music. The hostess, who was Russian, was super nice, friendly, and accommodating. I was waiting for our table to be cleared while David filled the meter. The guy who was to be our server was giving'the schpeel' to his large table. We sat down and he just came over and asked us if we were ready to order . He didn't give us the specials, favorites, tell us about the restaurant. So when he came back the second time we ordered brie grilled cheese as our appetizer. It came quickly, cut into triangles on whole wheat bread with bacon and raspberry jam. It was to die for (we recreated it the next day). We then ordered our drinks which are all from the prohibition era with hand chipped glass and all made from scratch. I had a Wilmington Street Shuffle which was strong and tangy from the orange zest. David had The Last Word which had gin in it and I thought the taste would be drowned out by everything else in the drink, I was wrong. About the 4th time he came back (after asking him what the specials were and what he recommended). I had soft shell crab with a carrot ginger sauce and tapioca balls. All had very little flavor which was disappointing, I would have preferred a tastier dipping sauce. David had prawns in a spicy coconut sauce over penne. Prawns gross me out because i hate the feelers and eyes and claws so after he disassembled I tried it. The sauce was only picking up the spice from the chorizo and I thought it would have been better if it was a bit thicker of a sauce. For dessert we had the PB&J which was a puff pastry with a creamy, sweet, thick filling over a blueberry puree. We also had a cherry mint hommade ice cream with a cookie similar to biscotti. Both were delicious, PB&J being my favorite (I'm a sucker for PB). All in all good for the apps and desserts, not the entrees or drinks.

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