Friday, November 13, 2009

Marathon Grill

I did it, what i always say I'm not gonna do. I ate at a place I worked at before, but I only got soup so I guess its ok. My friend and I couldn't find a place to go on Sunday for a super late lunch, we wanted to check out Distrito but it was closed. We drove aimlessly around west philly and then walked aimlessly and decided upon Marathon Grill on 40th and Walnut, also known as MarBar. Freshman year I worked at a Marathon Grill (16th and Sansom) and I'll admit I loved working there but its just a policy of mine not to eat where I've worked once I'm done working there. Marathon Grill is a family owned chain (there are 5 all over the city). Their food is what i would call "Applebees" style but with a way better atmosphere and experience, oh and breakfast options. Anyway we were too late to make the Brunch menu although they do have a breakfast all day menu so Adam got a meatloaf sandwich and Lentil and Ham soup and I also had the same soup (I was sick so soup was perfect). The soup was delicious, warm, think, had a good taste, the beans weren't too broken down, and the ham chunks weren't too big. It was very filling and I couldn't even finish mine. The meatloaf sandwich was as to be expected, kind of boring, nothing special, topped with onions and bacon. Although the sandwich was boring the fries were delicious, thin, crispy, not mealy/squishy on the inside, and just the right amount of salt. All in all not too bad but everyone says the breakfasts are the best at Marathon especially the different kinds of egg dishes.

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