Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A friend and her daughter came to stay with me so they took me out to dinner! We didn't want to get stuck in traffic (because of the SEPTA strike) in center city so we went to a greek place a friend of mine had gone to recently called Zorbas Taverna. Its a smaller place that was as it said a tavern. Our waiter was very nice and attractive =) We ordered saganaki (kaseri cheese, usually fried in some way) this one was deep fried, huge, but delicious as always. For dinner Jessie ordered a salad while Jenn and I attempted to eat the hugemongous charcoal sampler(meateaters galore) which consisted of lamb, gyro prepared lamb, kebab chicken, chicken breast, pork kebab, sausage, yellow potatoes, rice and beans, and a vegetable mishmosh containing eggplant. All was delicious, my favorites were the chicken breast, gyro prepared lamb, and the potatoes (prepared in a different way then I've ever had them, they were yellow). There was also a dipping sauce which I think was greek yogurt with herbs. Jessie liked her salad, nothing to special or extravagent. The price was pretty good, nothing was too expensive, our sampler was 28.00 and 14.00 a person with a ton of leftovers is pretty good for good food if you ask me.

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