Monday, November 16, 2009

Alice's Tea Cup

Alice's Tea Cup (chapter II)
is my sister's favorite place to take people in NYC for brunch. Its adorable but the food is not as good as the place is cute. I'll let her go she's only been in New York for a few months, I'm sure she'll find better places ;) So she and I ordered a Mad Hatter which was a choice of 3 scones, 2 sandwiches, an assortment of desserts and two pots of tea. Our scone choice consisted of a ham and cheese, lemon raspberry, and a pumpkin scone. I picked Alice's BLT and my sister had the curried chicken salad sandwich. The desert was a chocolate mousse with assorted cookies. Our choice of teas were an indian chai and a ginger peach. The indian chai was watery and our second pot was better but still not great, the ginger peach was delicious. The lemon raspberry scone was the best one, next came the pumpkin one, and my least favorite was the ham and cheese(I was mostly curious when choosing this option). The BLT was OK but I didn't realize it had blue cheese on it which I am not a fan of, it also had lettuce that should have been used in a salad (my favorite for a BLT is boston lettuce but romaine would have been fine), and there was too much bacon for my taste. The curried chicken salad was delicious with a hint of sweet from the raisins and apples. The mousse was nothing special but there was a surprise of white chocolate mousse layering underneath the chocolate. The cookies were just butter cookies and I could have done without considering i wasn't hungry. We only ate about half of each scone, the sandwiches, and the mousse, everything else went into a doggie bag. The rating for this one is ok but I wouldn't eat there again.

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