Tuesday, December 22, 2009

David and Victoria's creations

First is the cake we made for my boyfriend's (David) father. Happy Birthday John!! We were going to make an M&M cake but then his mom got the idea to make a jayhawk (Kansas University's mascot) cake and we thought we'd still add M&Ms. We used a recipe we found online to make a yellow cake, it didn't rise though so we had to make another one so the cake was tall enough. We iced with a buttercream icing and dyed a few bags to make the jayhawk. I made the outline, David colored it in and then he did the M&Ms, his dad loved it! The second set of pictures are from the pumpkin crab risotto we made. It doesn't look great but trust me, IT WAS DELICIOUS. I was a bit unsure about the combination of flavors but nothing was too overpowering, it was delicious, creamy very satisfying.

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