Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sabrina's the other one

So my sister came to visit from New York and I thought it would be nice to go out to brunch with our boyfriends, so I thought Sabrina's Cafe. I already had it in my head that we were going so when it decided to snow we had to still schlep there all wet and cold. I've been to the Sabrina's on Catherine but we were trying to minimize our outside time and try something slightly new so we went to the one on Callowhill. It was about 3:30pm when we left Temple and Sabrina's only serves brunch until 4pm so we tried to get them to let us order on the phone, but they wouldn't let us =/ It all turned out alright, I had a cup of tea and stuffed challah french toast. It was topped with bananas and syrup and the filling was absolutely delicious. David had a mel's chicken cutlet cornmeal encrusted sandwich with sweet potato fries on the side. He mainly got a sandwich so that he could get sweet potato fries *his favorite* The sandwich was alright, I thought the chicken was a little dry, nothing special really, but the fries were awesome!! My sister had a cali turkey sandwich with sweet potato fries. It was ok, I think if it had been on a heartier bread and made panini style it could have been better, but then again I love paninis. Her boyfriend had banana pancakes (yes like Jack Johnson), he said they were good. All in all I think it was worth the all the cold snow walking.

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