Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Linner with the Walters

So David (the boyfriend), his twin, and his parents came to our house for Linner (lunch/dinner) and this is what we ate. Matt (the twin) made a strawberry cheesecake, apparently it was supposed to have a swirl design (which it didn't) but it still tasted delicious. I made a quiche and companion baby quiche because I had a lot of leftover dough. It was a ham and cheese quiche because we were trying to use up the last of the Christmas ham. The crust needs some work, different recipe next time, it just didn't have that sturdy crunch that I wanted, but the egg part was goooood. We made a HUGE pot of sausage risotto which turned out pretty good but not as good as last time, probably because it was a mass creation. The last picture is the layout of all the food, there was also asparagus (steamed/grilled and sprinkled with cheese), stuffed mushrooms, and a tossed salad. YUM! oh and the parental meeting was a success, everybody liked everybody, in case you were worried about the outcome =)

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  1. haha yeah i kinda failed on the whole swirl thing