Saturday, September 18, 2010

Horizons Finally

I went to Horizons for a friends birthday but I was on a tight schedule because of RA (resident assistant) duties. I've wanted to go to horizons for a long time and was sorry I couldn't really do it justice. We started off with foccacia dipped in herb oil, it was warm but a bit dry. I ate my entree while everyone else ate their appetizers. My friend Nicole had the bbq seitan over a smoked potato salad, topped with a celery branch and in a ras el hanout, not to be confused with satan. It was amazingly delicious, the consistency was of slow cooked pork but the taste more bland like chicken. The bbq flavor was very strong and the potatoes fresh and crisp. The drink her boyfriend has was adorable too, the Texas Tea. Her friends Matt and Luka had the heirloom salad which I didn't try but they ate it up so fast it must have been good. Her boyfriend had the chilled cucumber avocado soup which he said was interesting. I had the summer vegetable bouillabaisse(lobster mushrooms, saffron, white bean rouille' and olive bread crostini). I thought it would never fill me up but I was really full after eating it. I almost wish the sauce was more like a cream sauce, a little thicker though. It tasted great!

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