Sunday, September 5, 2010


when i went to boston we went to this tapas place solea. i wrote about my trip on my other blog The tapas we had were tortilla espanola, arroz y habas, queso de cabra montanes, gambas al ajillo, vieras al azafran, chorizo a la plancha, ravioles de mariscos, palta reina, setas al ajillo, patatas bravas, camarao piri piri. My favorites were the patatas bravas which are potatoes with a spicy aioli, questo de cabra montanes which is baked goat cheese with tomato and basil (mmmm delicious i gotta try this one !). The ravioles de mariscos were creamy and definitely not dry as i find common in seafood ravioli. The arroz y habas are rice and beans, they had a lot more flavor and tasted different then the way my family cooks them. I love sharing food so tapas are great. For the desserts we shared filloa de dulce de leche which was a crepe with fresh berry and dulce de leche filling, super yum. The other dessert we tried was tarta de chocolate, i thought it was dry and too dense. other then the chocolate dessert dinner was great !

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