Thursday, September 30, 2010

La Viola

So I've been on this BYOB kick lately, more to come. It all started when my friend Jonathan and I went out for dinner after he worked and we decided to just wander and we walked by a place he'd been before called La Viola which he said was a good Italian BYOB. Then we proceeded to walk all the way back where we'd come from to pick up a bottle of wine. We decided on a cheap Riesling (made in Australia, don't remember anything else). The wine was sweet and the place was small and cute, maybe 8 tables or something like that. It was around 5:00pm so there weren't many other diners. All of the waiters had accents, ours was eastern european. I ordered the special which was a papardelle with veal, shrimp, and peas in a white sauce. The pasta was homemade and delicious ! Jonathan had chicken stuffed with ham, cheese, spinach, and peppers over a tomato based sauce with potatoes and cabbage. It was pretty good, but I liked mine better. Prices from 13-25ish depending on the meat you have. Definitely would go back here.

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